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Congress Dinner & Evening Discussion at a traditional "Styrian Restaurant" with a Guided Historic City Walk

The highlight of the "Tavern Glöckl Bräu" is its authentic Styrian Cuisine with regional and seasonal products in the middle of Graz, the capital of delight!

These Styrian meals will delight your palate!

The evening event includes a Guided Historic City Walk which starts at congress location and ends up at the evening event location (duration 45min-1 hour) and a little present.

You are welcome to bring your partner! Partner tickets are available on the registration platform! 

Glöckl Bräu: Wirtshaus - Schank - Gastgarten
Glockenspielplatz 2-3
A-8010 Graz                        How to get there >> Map


The Glöckl Bräu is located in one of the most beautiul squares in Graz's Old Town, the Glockenspielplatz. The Tavern's hallmark is their exclusively brewed beer, the Glöckl Bräu Beer: full-bodied in taste and freshly tapped from the barrel.
They offer Styrian specialities made from the highest quality local agricultural products.
Also popular with both locals and tourists is the historic "Glockenspiel" with its impressive chimes which can be found in the building neighboring Glöckl Bräu's current location. The traditionally clothed wooden couple which steps out of hte window and dances its rounds at 11.00 am, 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm is a much-admired highlight.

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9 - 12 September 2018
Graz / Austria