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Local Info

Languages & Time Zone
Official language is German -  Conference language is English!   Timezone CET; UTC+1

Climate in Graz
Due to its geographic position, Graz enjoys a pleasant climate with mediterranean influences year-round. September could be still very warm. Please check the current weather  >> here

Emergency numbers:
Ambulance 144, Police 133,  Fire 122     More important numbers >>

Electricity & Power StationWe will provide Power Stations on site to reload your electronic devices. Electricity in Austria is 230 volts. If you plan on using your own 110-volt appliances, you will need a voltage converter, unless your appliance is designed to also work with 230 volts electricity (dual voltage). It might help to get one before you leave home. Regardless of voltage, if your appliance has flat prongs, you will need a plug adapter: Austrian sockets are designed to accept round prongs.

WiFi will be provided on site during the whole conference

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. Telecommunication & Country Code
Austrian Country Code is +43 and Graz City Code is (0)316.

Persons with special needs
Should you require any specific assistance, please let us know in advance to enable to assist in making your stay at the Conference pleasant and comfortable. 

Smoking policy
Participants are requested to refrain from smoking inside the Conference Building. 

Banks - Currency
All banks in Austria exchange foreign currency and traveller's cheques. Numerous  automatic teller machines and exchange offices are available! Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept major credit cards!