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By plane >> Info 
It is the most convenient way

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. A lot of airlines provide a dense Network which combines "The Graz Airport" with nearly 70 destinations. This ensures business travellers and tourists flying with fast connections throughout the world.
Graz Airport - 10 km distance          Vienna Airport - 200km distance

From Graz Airport to the City:

By taxi:
The taxi rank is right outside the passenger terminal, right next to the arrival area, for maximum convenience. The drive should take around 20 min. and the fare should cost approximately 25 EURO up to Graz.
Taxis in Graz
+43 316 878
+43 316 2801
+43 316 889 Public Transport:
Easily to and from Graz Airport by Train or by Bus
Public busses bring you conveniently from Graz Main Station / Jakominiplatz to Graz Airport. The bus stop is right outside the passenger terminal, right next to the arrival area. >> more Info

From Vienna Airport to Graz:

FLiXBUS >> Book here
Flughafenbus Wien - Graz/Girardigasse - Wien >> Book here

ÖBB >> Book here
Go Euro >> Book here

Getting around in Graz:

 Many Hotels are in walking distance or use the Tram or a Taxi          Tram Map