Danube University Krems
Building A - AUDIMAX

Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30
3500 Krems, Austria

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Danube University Krems

Danube University Krems has specialized in continuing education and offers courses in the fields of Medicine, Health and Social Services, Economics and Business Management, Law, Administration and International Affairs, Education, Media and Communication as well as Arts, Culture and Architecture. As a European model project, Danube University Krems combines high quality in education, research and consulting with excellent customer orientation and service. More than 8500 students from 80 countries are enrolled in over 150 academic courses. A renovated factory dating back to the onset of the 20th century and new buildings on Campus Krems provide students and educators with an open, innovative, and motivating atmosphere for research and studying.

The Department of Health Sciences and Biomedicine provides highly specialised post-graduate study programmes in selected medical disciplines and strives for research excellence in biomedical technology and regenerative medicine. The department aspires to be market leader for continuing education in health services management, all aspects of clinical medicine with special emphasis on internal medicine, regenerative medicine including orthopaedics, sports medicine and complementary medicine.

Research activities are focused on developing and strengthening the department’s internationally recognised position with regard to advancing extracorporeal blood purification systems in collaboration with strategic partners, as well as R&D in regenerative medicine, particularly in the field of muscular-skeletal systems and cellular therapy and diagnostics.

A PhD program  Regenerative Medicine will be launched in 2016.




nanoFIS 2017 - Functional Integrated nanoSystems
22 - 24 November 2017
Graz /Austria